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Maha, what a better way to make an entry than to fill it with a load of quizzy junk. Oh yes...


The illusive other kid: You arent necessarily the
minority, but you dont get represented in any
of those troubled teen books. You like a
variety of music probably both old and new.
You may adopt trends from time to time as they
catch your eye, but you are not controlled by
them. You are not a sheep so keep up the good
work and start a revolution.

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You're Claudia!
You pity yourself over most others. You feel a
strong connection to your guardian, but feel a
constant lonliness that you cannot cure. Being
trap inside a person you no longer relate to,
your story is by far the most pitiful.

*~*~*Which Interview With The Vampire Character Are You?*~*~*
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I took this before but I felt like taking it again


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