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Woo, I'm back from my holidays. Italy was great!
Monday - travelled all day
Tuesday/Wednesday - I went into Sorrento
Thursday - Climbed Vesuvius and looked round Herculaneum
Friday - Took the boat to Capri and the Funicular into the town
Saturday - Went to Pompeii (for FOUR hours of solid walking and killed my feet)
Sunday - went to the Solfatara volcano and Naples
Monday - went into Sorrento to buy Lacuna Coil cds (unsucessfully) and took the plane home.

The hotel kicked ass. We made up names for everyone like 'Vampire Slayer Man', 'Mr. Hungry Man' and 'Mrs. Billy No-Mates Woman'. There was also a really cute cat that took a fancy to me, aww I wanted to take it home with me.

Anyway, I can't be bothered to write more, my wrists hurt. I might scan my holiday photos in soon if anyone wants to see them.
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